This document covers how you can handle authorization requests.

An authorization request is made when a card is used to make a specific purchase. Based on these following steps, the authorization request will be to either accept or decline the card payment:

  1. Chapa checks if the issuing balance has sufficient funds, and that you are authorized to spend that amount.
  2. Chapa will send an issuingauthorization.request webhook event, informing you about the pending authorization.
  3. You have to either approve or decline this authorization. If you do not approve or decline within 5 seconds, Chapa will automatically approve or decline the authorization, based on the default settings.
  4. Chapa will send an issuingauthorization.created webhook event, informing you that the Authorization has been created.

If the authorization is approved, the amount will be deducted from your balance. If declined, the status will be closed and the amount will not be deducted.

When an authorization has been apprehended, two things will happen:

  • The status on the authorization will change to closed.
  • A new transaction will be created and the purchase amount will be deducted from the issuing balance. Visit Transaction for more information.

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