Getting started with Chapa

Welcome to Chapa! We have put together some information to help you get started with the integration of Chapa.

Whether you are an Individual, Startup or Enterprise, integrate your application to collect you payments with Chapa today!

Set up your Chapa account

Create your free account with us at Dashboard. Make sure the business details you have provided are accurate.

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Accept Payments

With the use of Chapa, you can collect payments through various payment methods:

  • Cards
  • Banks
  • Mobile money payments

We offer a total of 13 banks your customers can pay from. To see the list, visit Payment Channels.

Creating Payment Plans and Subscriptions

Chapa offers a Subscription Plan where you can create and manage all your plans. This feature enables you to configurate a plan for your customers in which, once subscribed to, will subsequently be charged at regular intervals.

Sending Invoice to customers

Create invoices for your services and obtain payments from your customers in Birr.

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Explore the developers tools

We offer a wide range of SDKs and API references. To learn more about our offers please visit Docs.

COPYandPAY Integration

COPYandPAY is a SAQ-A compliant payment-form solution, making it both secure and sim...

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