This document goes through event listeners that can be called when certain actions are performed.

What are Webhooks

Whenever transactions take place, certain events will be triggered that cooperate with your application. Webhook is a URL on your server that sends these events.

Recieving an event

To receive an event, you have to create and POST request on your application:

app.post("/my/webhook/url", function(req, res) {
    // Retrieve the request's body
    var event = req.body;
    // Do something with event

List of Events

Event Description
charge.dispute.create Dispute against company created.
charge.dispute.remind Reminder of an unresolved dispute against company.
charge.dispute.resolve Dispute has been resolved.
charge.success Charged successfully.
customeridentification.failed Customer identification failed.
customeridentification.success Customer identified successfully.
invoice.create An invoice has been created for a customer’s subscription. Usually sent 3 days before the subscription is due.
invoice.payment_failed Payment for invoice has failed.
invoice.update Customer’s invoice has been updated. This invoice should be examined carfeully, and take necessary action.
paymentrequest.pending Payment request has been sent to customer and payment is pending.
paymentrequest.success Customer’s payment is successful.
subscription.create Subscription has been created.
subscription.disable Account’s subscription has been disabled.
subscription.enable Account’s subscription has been enabled.
transfer.failed Transfer of money has failed.
transfer.success A transfer has been completed.
transfer.reversed A transfer has been reversed.
issuingauthentication.request An authorization has been requested.
issuingauthentication.created An authorization has been created.

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