Bulk Transfers

Pay multiple recipients at once with chapa.

Each transfer has a unique transfer code created with the help of Fetch Transfer API, You can check the details or status of your transfers anytime you want.

curl https://api.chapa.dev/transfer/bulk
    -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    -d '{ "currency": "ETB", 
          "source": "balance", 
          "transfers": [{
            "amount": 20000,
            "reason": "Life go better for you",
            "recipient": "RCP_t0ya41mp35flk40"
            "amount": 20000,
            "reason": "Easy does it",
            "recipient": "RCP_z7e30qo1xxo98ub"
    -X POST

Once these transfers have been created, just as split-transfers, it will take a few minutes for it to be processed.

It takes a few seconds or minutes to process the transaction. When it is done, chapa will send a POST event. You will either receive a transfer.success or transfer.failed if the transfer was successful or failed respectively. Here is a list of events you may receive.

Split Transfers
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