Responding to Disputes

This document covers what disputes are and how the process works.

Collecting Customer Information

A dispute occurs when a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer. An inquiry or retrieval is nothing more than a request for more information about the charge, which may escalate to a dispute. To process a dispute, the issuer creates a formal dispute, which immediately reverses the payment. The payment amount is then deducted from your account balance.

To help our users submit the best possible response, Chapa provides a guided process within the Dashboard. This allows you to provide all of the necessary text and images you feel are appropriate.

Where to find disputes

You can find disputes in the Dashboard. When a dispute occurs an automated email will be sent from Chapa. You will receive a charge.dispute.create webhook event. You can respond to the dispute by submitting the appropriate evidence.

Responding to disputes on the dashboard

Chapa’s Dashboard is the best place for most users to respond to any disputes. The Dashboard guides you step by step through the submission process, automatically formatting the data you enter. Depending on the type of disagreement, you’ll be asked to provide various pieces of evidence and upload any necessary files. These actions increase the chances of resolving a dispute in your favor. Before responding to a disagreement, contact the customer and discuss it. It may have been a simple issue, such as not being able to identify their transaction.

Fraud Prevention
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